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The Extinction Forum: Responses

The "Responses" section of The Extinction Forum will provide the possibility for:

  • comments on extinction categorizations originally made in "Major Reviews"
  • initial community response to "Nominations" of species to an extinction category, prior to the Advisory Panel ruling on the nomination
  • ruling of the Advisory Panel to accept, reject, or post the nomination to another category
  • further comments on previous Nominations and Responses that are no longer active insofar as they have been ruled upon by the relevant Advisory Panel

Rediscovery of a species previously assigned to an extinction category should be submitted to "Responses" as a report stating when, where, and how many specimens were seen or collected and advising CREO to remove the species from the extinction categories. The report should indicate that the specimens were identified reliably by a specialist familiar with the taxonomy of the group. If possible some reference should be made to the features observed in the specimens, which support the diagnoses. The name of the institution holding voucher specimens and the specimens' catalog numbers should be provided for inclusion in the CREO databases and so that other researchers are able to locate the material. This report should also suggest to which of the IUCN Red List categories the species should be reassigned.

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