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Mortal Remains

What is this publication?

This catalog series will list the location of all known remains of extinct species preserved in museums, academic or research institutions, and private collections. Studies such as "Major Reviews" require information on the location of preserved material of the extinct taxon. Therefore, as these reviews are researched, it is sensible to collect information about mortal remains, so that it can be presented in one place for future reference. Information about mortal remains has an applied value, for example, it can help determine whether sufficient material exists to pursue destructive sampling (e.g., DNA analysis) in a given case. Each publication of Mortal Remains will cover all extinct species within particular taxa (e.g., Class, Order, or Family) in a major collection or series of collections. The resulting publication is comparable to the catalogs of type specimens regularly produced by museums.

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The information from this series will be incorporated into our database, Mortal Remains.

What kind of data should be compiled for submission?

Authors interested in contributing to this series should first propose the scope of the compilation, that is, the institution(s) and taxa covered. Information to compile should include the museum name and location, type status, registry number, collection date and locality, collector, identifier, preserved condition of material, size, loan/use policy, preparation, age class, and additional notes. See above for link to examples.

Who can contribute to this series?

The most probable compilers of the Mortal Remains catalogs will be experts who are serving on a CREO Advisory Panel and involved in the production of the "Major Reviews". However, it is also possible that collections ,anagers at various institutions will have an interest in compiling these catalogs, as the information pertains to collections.

Where should manuscripts be submitted?

Submissions should be sent directly to CREO (Contact Us) where we can log them, copy edit, and ensure that they go through the review process in a timely manner.

How will manuscripts be reviewed?

Review of submissions will be handled by the specialists from a CREO Advisory Panel.

Web availability

The information collected in this series will be incorporated into our database, Mortal Remains, accessible from this web site.

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