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Recently Extinct Species

What is this publication?

Recently Extinct Species is a monographic series; each issue will be two or three pages long and will focus on a particular species that has gone extinct in recent times. While "Major Reviews" will result in a critically reviewed listing of all extinctions within a taxonomic group, as well as assignment of species to an extinction category, Recently Extinct Species will provide a comprehensive summary of all relevant information about one particular species' extinction.

See an example.

The information collected in this series will be incorporated into our database, World's Recently Extinct Species.

What kind of data should be compiled for submission?

Authors interested in contributing to this series should compile information about the species including: species name and systematic history, common names, extinction category, type locality, geographic and ecosystem descriptors, former distribution, extinction causes and date, diagnosis, notes on related species and threat status, history of collection/observation, information compilers, and additional notes. See above for link to examples.

Who can contribute to this series?

Anyone who has compiled the data stipulated above is encouraged to submit this for publication.

Where should manuscripts be submitted?

Submissions should be sent directly to CREO (Contact Us) where we can log them, copy edit, and ensure that they go through the review process in a timely manner.

How will manuscripts be reviewed?

Review of the submissions will be handled by the specialists from a CREO Advisory Panel.

Web availability:

The data gathered from this publication will be incorporated into our database, World's Recently Extinct Species, accessible from this web site.

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