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Major Reviews of Recently Extinct Species

What is this publication?

The CREO research program includes a strategy for surveying extinctions by compiling and reevaluating extinction evidence. "Major Reviews" provide the documentation for this process. In other words, manuscripts prepared for this venue will provide a comprehensive assessment of extinctions within a given taxon by showing where the original documented evidence exists, and how this evidence was evaluated according to CREO extinction criteria and categories. Such reviews will be compiled on the level of a major taxon (for example Classes or, in some cases, more manageable units such as Orders or Families). This will help to ensure consistency in the application of criteria to all species within a group.


A publication venue has been established for Major Reviews of Recently Extinct Species.

A proposal by CREO and Systematics Agenda 2000 International to produce a Preliminary List of Recently Extinct Species has been accepted as part of DIVERSITAS' International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY) project. This book will be produced in 2001, and will present a compilation of all Major Reviews that are complete by that time.

Who compiles "Major Reviews"?

Advisory Panels of experts will compile these reviews.

Web availability

The data and bibliographic information compiled from these reviews will be incorporated into various CREO Databases, accessible through this web site.

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