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The Extinction Forum

What is this publication?

"Major Reviews" provide an initial process whereby all currently available extinction data for species within a given taxon are assembled, analyzed, and species are assigned to an extinction category. To complement this, The Extinction Forumwill provide a central location for the documentation of newextinction-related information as this evidence becomes available. The Extinction Forumwill ensure that researchers have a place specifically designed for the rapid publication of their extinction-related evidence. This will also ensure that this information will be much easier to locate in the future, greatly aiding data collection and analysis. The Extinction Forumprovides CREO with a way to monitor new data about extinctions, and fits into our research program as a means of updating and maintaining extinction surveys.

What kind of data can be submitted to this publication?

Who can submit data?

Anyone with relevant data pertaining to extinctions can submit data for authorship.

Where should data be submitted?

Submissions should be sent directly to CREO (Contact Us) where we can log them, copy edit, and ensure that they go through the review process in a timely manner.

How will contributions be reviewed?

Prior to publication, all submissions to The Extinction Forumwill be reviewed by relevant specialists from a CREO Advisory Panel. This responsibility includes ruling on whether nominations of species to the CREO-defined extinction categories should be accepted or revised.

Web availability

Current issues and archives of The Extinction Forumwill be provided on this web site. Data gathered from this publication will also be used to revise and update CREO Databases.

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