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The Extinction Forum: Nominations

To nominate a species to an extinction category, contributors should provide data showing which extinction criteria have been met to support inclusion of the species in that category. This information should be presented in a concise report with relevant bibliographic references to all sources of data. The inclusion of references will ensure that relevant information, which is often difficult to locate in the scientific literature, is not overlooked in the future.

Publication of the report will serve as a general invitation for responses to the proposed extinction categorization. These will be published in the "Responses" section of The Extinction Forum. A minimum period of six months following publication is a reasonable time period to allow for community response. Specialists from the relevant Advisory Panel will re-evaluate the report and relevant responses and ultimately rule on whether to accept or reject the proposed extinction categorization. Acceptance might include posting the extinction to another category than the one originally proposed. The final ruling on the nomination will be published in the Responses section, and the species would then be added to our database, World's Recently Extinct Species.

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