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Producing and Maintaining Surveys of Recently Extinct Species

Compiling a New Extinction Survey

Once a uniform system of criteria for evaluating extinctions has been developed, the next step is to collect as much extinction data as possible in order to assess it against the criteria so that all putative species' extinctions can be evaluated. This will result in a new survey of extinctions that we will publish in the CREO-IBOY Book Project. The work of data collection and analysis will be accomplished by scientists from around the world who we are organizing into Advisory Panels. These Advisory Panels will provide the expertise for reevaluating extinction data in order to produce more detailed and more accurate surveys of extinct species. Thus, those panelists who are compiling and analyzing the data will be the authors of the CREO-IBOY book.

Updating and Maintaining this Survey

The CREO-IBOY book will provide an initial process whereby all currently available extinction data for species within a given taxon are collected and assessed. To complement this, we hope to provide another publication avenue, The Extinction Forum, that will provide a central location for publication of newly available/discovered extinction data. By monitoring this publication we can quickly and accurately update extinction surveys with new information.

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