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We have established or are exploring partnerships with:

DIVERSITAS: CREO has been accepted as a project within Programme Element 3 (Systematics: Inventorying and Classification of Biodiversity) of DIVERSITAS, a partnership of inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations designed to build biodiversity science capacity.

Systematics Agenda 2000 International: CREO and Systematics Agenda 2000 International have proposed the production of a book that will provide an official listing of recent extinctions. This proposal has been accepted as a Flagship Project of DIVERSITAS' International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY) program. This book will be produced in 2001, and will present a new survey of recent species extinctions. (See CREO-IBOY Book Project for more information.)

The Nature Conservancy: Representatives from TNC's Conservation Science Division have stated an interest in data collected through the CREO research program. We are beginning to explore collaborative arrangements that will be mutually beneficial to both of our organizations.

Wildlife Conservation Society: WCS has endorsed CREO's research program and has expressed great interest in the conservation applications of an accurate survey of recent extinctions.

World Conservation Monitoring Centre: Because CREO's extinction database is intended to complement the databases of threatened species compiled by other organizations such as WCMC and IUCN, we plan to collaborate with WCMC to incorporate CREO data directly into their threatened animal and plant databases.

We are also collaborating with over 70 scientists from around the world who we have organized into Advisory Panels. These panels will collect, review, and monitor data on recent extinctions.

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