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CREO Advisory Panels

The CREO research program will be implemented through the work of scientists from around the world who we are organizing into Advisory Panels.

We are creating Advisory Panels to collect, monitor, and review data on recent extinctions, so that accurate surveys can be produced and maintained. Advisory Panels are being formed to represent taxa within all kingdoms for which recent extinction data exist. These Panels are being created at the taxonomic level that is most practical for assessing extinctions in a given group (such as a Class or Order), and they will be responsible for collecting extinction data for that taxon.

Advisory Panelists are specialists possessing thorough systematic knowledge of a taxon and/or who are actively involved in recent extinction surveys or conservation studies for their respective taxa. Specialists are selected to ensure that a wide variety of taxonomic and geographic expertise is represented on each Panel.


As of November 1999, we have recruited over 70 scientists from around the world to participate in our Advisory Panels.

-Animal Panels

We have created Advisory Panels for Aves, Mammalia, Amphibia, Reptilia, Pisces, and Coleoptera. Panels are partially created for Mollusca, Lepidoptera, Orthoptera, Hymenoptera, Crustacea, Odonata, Arachnida, and Cnidaria.

-Plant Panels

Panels are partially created for Hawaiian Flora, North American Flora, and Palms.

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